About Us


The mission of the United War Veterans Council is to mobilize our communities to honor, support and serve America’s veterans.

We are dedicated to ensuring that the public always embraces its commitment to provide all veterans and their families with the care, recognition and opportunities they have rightfully earned.

We work to achieve this goal by:

  • Supporting and promoting a wide range of initiatives that provide vital services to our veterans community (including health, education, employment, housing, mental wellness, and family counseling)
  • Raising positive awareness and increase understanding of the needs of our veterans, military service members and their families through major public events and promotional activities
  • Uniting veterans groups, community organizations, city, state and federal agencies, local businesses, major corporations and the general public behind efforts to serve veterans of all eras.


Originally founded by veterans of the War of 1812, the current United War Veterans Council was reactivated in 1985 to revive New York City’s traditions of honoring and serving its veterans.  Throughout the 1980s and 1990s, the UWVC provided much-needed services to the veterans community, including opening Borden Avenue veteran’s shelter, hosting regular “Stand-Down” outreach events, and other initiatives.  In addition, by first salvaging and then massively expanding the traditional New York City Veterans Day Parade, UWVC ensured that the veterans community would always possess a highly visible platform for receiving recognition of its contributions and raising awareness of its needs.

Today UWVC continues and expands on its work to provide services to New York City’s veterans while serving as a spotlight and loudspeaker for the veterans community in NYC and across the country.  It is currently working to engage and integrate the latest generation of veterans into our fold, ensuring that our organization will continue to serve veterans and the broader community for years to come.